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What is Marriage Icon?

Marriage Icon is a kind of contemporary icon. Its canon, the model and rules have been created by a Bulgarian painter living in Poland Ventzislav Piriankov.

Marriage Icon represents the combined male and female faces, mostly on the background of a halo and a cross. Most of the icons are painted in warm red and gold tones, rarely appear in monochrome colors or others.

One of the icons became the icon of ICON OF THE ENCOUNTERS OF MARRIED COUPLES entitled "Remain in my love." Was consecrated by archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, metropolitan archbishop of Poznań, at the 11th International Convention of the Animators of the Encounters of Married Couples held in Poznań in Poland in 2005. It encourages all marriages in prayer and meditation on their own relationship. Icon symbolizes the unity of the conjugal relationship between two people, which is carried out through dialogue, and thereby improves the human love of the spouses, strengthens their indissoluble unity.

MARRIAGE ICON - first, symbolic picture painted by Ventzislav Piriankov on July 12, 2013 at his villa and the Ventzi Art Gallery in the Bulgarian village Staro Zhelezare. This unique work is created in vintage style, on the more than 100 years old lid of a wine barrel, used for decades by the Piriankov family. Interestingly, the lineage of the word ‘vintage’ refers just to the wine - produced in a single season. As befits a vintage style, newly constructed Marriage Icon combines outstanding quality of an object less susceptible to damage, which the passage of time gives nobility. It combines styles of different eras in an avant-garde way - a contemporary painting with the old unique object. This is an excellent blend of modern, avant-garde, with respect to the tradition - also by cultivating a canon of Marriage Icon developed by Ventzi over the last few years of his art-work.